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Calling all charities in growth mode...

We'd like to make you an offer...an hour of our time for an hour of yours. If you're a charity in growth mode we believe we could have a significant impact on your bottom line.

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Blue Lotus would like to meet...

We are seeking a long term relationship with a charity in growth mode. You will be looking for support with your charitable objectives and sound, strategic advice...

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Where is your charity?

It's tough in the charity sector. So with over 170,000 UK charities vying for the attention of donors and supporters just how do you get your head above the parapet?

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Let's start at the end...

The objectives for your charity should be the very driver behind your cause. Do you know yours? Are they an integral part of your strategy?

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The right tools for the job

We run multi platform campaigns using a whole range of proven marketing tools.

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Your online footprint

Are you truly harnessing the power of web, social media, online marketing?

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So just who are Blue Lotus?

Michael Beasley - founder of Blue Lotus

Michael Beasley founded Blue Lotus after a successful 17-year career in both the private and charity sectors.

His passion for understanding the relationship between people and organisations makes him ideally placed to help you retain and build supporters...read more